3 Ideas for New Residential Fencing

In addition to keeping pets or children inside the yard, a residential fence helps to keep other animals or people out. New fencing is aesthetically pleasing, can be integrated into your landscaping design, and may even raise your home’s value. The hardest part will be deciding which fencing ideas best meet your style.

1. White Picket Fencing

There is something to be said for this classic. White picket fences are often thought of as part of the traditional American dream, and if your home matches that aesthetic, this type of fencing is sure to stand out. Search for a “fencing contractor near me Forest Lake IL” and fence in your entire yard or use it to section off flowerbeds, a backyard pool, or another selling point in the yard. Thick, wide slats help for protection while thin slats set further apart allows for viewing of a well-maintained lawn.

2. Aluminum Fencing

Perhaps you’d like to go for a more sophisticated fencing style but still want something affordable. Aluminum fencing is just that. Easily customizable, this fencing material can be painted to match large, elegant homes or even smaller ones with more whimsical styles. Aluminum makes it easy for passersby to see enjoy your landscaping but still provides a barrier for your property. It’s also easy to maintain, which means you spend fewer weekends repainting or repairing your fence. 

3. Vinyl Fencing

When you need something that is stylish but able to hold up to the elements, consider vinyl fencing. Some manufacturers even claim it is up to five times stronger than wooden fences. The material is easy to clean and typically only requires some soap and water to maintain it. Use it to create paneled privacy fences, more durable picket designs, or ornate stone and gated designs that add elegance to your property. 

Whether you want something traditional or modern, colorful or neutral, ensure you work with a reputable contractor. This way, you can be sure your new fence was installed correctly and will live up to your expectations.