Mark Roemer Oakland Helps You Choose Between Renovation and Demolition

According to Mark Roemer Oakland, you’ll be in a design dilemma while renovating your old home. When major changes are necessary, some people prefer to demolish sections of their homes completely and build from scratch. However, the usual choice is renovation. Let’s figure out how you can choose between renovation and demolition.


The Discussion


  1. You need to have the option of demolition – Before you can consider demolishing your home as a legit option, you need to figure out whether you have the option. In some neighborhoods, council planning prohibits the demolition of houses of a certain age, historic importance, and architectural importance. In other places, the local council may prevent demolition completely or restrict you from changing the structure of your home significantly.


Figure out the age of your home from the council records or by examining the drainage plan that comes with your purchase contract. Once you’re certain about the age, contact your local council and figure out if your home has historical importance and if you’re allowed to demolish certain sections of your home.


  1. Renovation requirements – Your renovation requirements also play a major role in the choice between renovation and demolition. It basically boils down to the amount of extra space you want to add to your home. If you want to make big changes and expand your home significantly to the point that very small parts of your existing home would be retained, it’s best to demolish and start from scratch. Apart from that, you also need to figure out the cost of such an extensive change and whether it fits your budget.


  1. Orientation of the existing home – You need to figure out the practicality and workability of the existing layout of your home. Do the living rooms get enough natural light? Do you have enough space for your needs? You need to ask yourself similar questions and figure out if flaws can be fixed with simple renovations. For instance, if you can add more natural light to living spaces with the help of solar access, there’s no need for demolishing the space.


  1. Real estate value check – Your home’s position in the neighborhood and its real estate value also has a major impact on the renovation decision. For instance, if you have the smallest and crappiest home in the suburb and buyers are flocking towards large and better-looking homes in the neighborhood, it’s best to demolish it and start from scratch.


Homes are the biggest asset for most people. That’s why you need to remove emotions while making this decision. Talk to local real estate agents, drive around in the suburb and research the market to figure out your home’s current value and what it would be worth after simpler renovation and major demolition followed by renovation. That would allow you to come up with the best decision.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the tips mentioned above to decide between renovation and demolition. It depends on the type of home lover you are, local regulations, the specialty of your street and neighborhood, and more.