How to Fix a Leaking Roof

A roof that leaks during heavy rain can also damage furniture such as cabinets, chairs, and others, because of the water droplets. Leakage makes your house fill with buckets in every corner of the room. If the roof gets damaged, you should use the services of experts such as Southern Cross Roofing. You can visit for more information. However, if the roof only leaks without severe damage, you can handle it in the following way:

1. Use Water Proofing

The first way to deal with a leaky roof is to use waterproofing. Waterproofing functions as a patching of a leaking roof. Waterproofing can withstand rainwater seepage because it contains liquid which has waterproof properties.

2. Pay Attention to the Roof Slope

Flat and sloping roofs will make rainwater flood the concrete. This makes the roof has a leak. Therefore, make sure your roof has a slope of about 30 to 40 degrees. Some angles guarantees the flow of rain will smoothly go down.

3. Improve critical position

Try to double-check the roof tile position, if something sag immediately fix. Sag roof might happened due to being blown by the wind or stepped on by a cat. Perform regular checks so you can avoid this problem.

4. Clean the Gutter

As anticipation before the rainy season comes, you should clean the gutters regularly. Gutter can be clogged by leaves or trash. Dirty gutters will block the flow of rainwater so that the rainwater went into inappropriate channels.

5. Replace Damaged Tiled

tiles can be cracked or damaged when the condition is no longer good. If you continue to leave the roof tiles damaged and don’t replace them immediately, don’t be surprised if water drips into the house when it rains.

That’s the fifth way to fix a leaky roof. If you have trouble doing it by yourself, ask for help from neighbors or people around. This method is also effective as an anticipation before the rainy season comes.