Renovate and Innovate: 5 creative ways to do-up your empty backyard

Backyards are a great amenity to have and often turns into a place where family and friends get together and enjoy some quality time. It is important to keep your backyard lively and interesting rather than leaving it empty and boring. Investing into creating a backyard where you’d like to spend your time is important for your growth as an individual. Revamping backyards pave the way for a million possibilities! You can choose to indulge or stay basic, 

 it’s up to you! Here we are, to help you with your dilemma and give you five ways to restyle your backyard, creatively! 

1. Ramp it up  

An empty backyard with space for change is the best opportunity to create an outside environment where you can relax, unwind and conduct activities. Give your backyard a brand new look with pavers made of stone. Unlike concrete, stones help create a more natural look and also come in different designs. The best way to redesign your backyard is by planting grass or moss between the stone pavers which gives it a rich contrast and gives you the feel of being in touch with nature. This design is efficient and aesthetic in terms of maintenance and cost as well. 

2. May the light be with you! 

Even the most minimalist change in an environment can have an affect on the tone of the place. A creative way to spice up a boring, empty backyard is with the addition of outdoor tiles. Choose a tile of your choice – keep it modern and contemporary – to create a beautiful pathway leading to a dining area. You can choose lamps, LED strips or designer lights to go with the design you are thinking of. From designs where the tiled pathway is lit alongside to lamps installed at intervals to light up the whole of the backyard, the tiles your choose are essential to what you’d like to add to the design.With the perfect set of lights, set up a beautiful wooden table to enjoy a good wine and dine, right at home! 

3. Time to heat things up! 

Adding a fire pit to your backyard is innovative and fun. Be it a barbeque night or just a ‘curl up in bed’ evening, a warm corner to sit by is all you need! From DIY fire pits to designer structures, the fire pit lights up the place like no other. You can make an evening out of building a fire pit and cooking on it, in the center of the backyard or a corner you love – the choice is yours! Aesthetically speaking, fire is one of the smartest ways to redecorate and helps create a lively mood for a party.

4.Make it cozy  

An outdoor space where you’d like to relax must be cozy! The addition of the right furniture and lights can undoubtedly spice up the look of a place. Addition of art and a little bit of colour never hurt anybody. Colour coordinate your seating arrangement with the backdrop, add a satin cloth and create a canopy or add string lights and de-stress by yourself or with your loved ones! 

5. Build a little something  

Build a patio like no other! The most cost effective way to completely turn around the way your backyard looks is with some quality outdoor tiles that compliment and set the mood of the patio. It is the most well-known way to restructure a backyard into a neat and beautiful seating area. A business meeting at noon or a party with friends, your patio is ready for both occasions. Paving the patio opens up doors to multiple designs that can be inculcated and can be paired with rich wood furniture making it the perfect place to enjoy a brunch. Using chairs that are also makeshift storage spaces increases the efficiency of such an area in a house. If you have been waiting for a sign to take the decision and renovate your backyard, this is it! It is a big decision but would help your creative juices flow and leave you with a feeling of newness. Innovating through the redecoration process is equally important for the final outcome.