The Benefits of Asphalt Paving

There’s a reason why most American roads use asphalt paving. Other materials are no match for asphalt when it comes to building a durable, reliable surface. Asphalt comes in many different consistencies, providing developers with a range of options. This article will discuss the many benefits of asphalt in road construction.

Saving Money

Asphalt paving Fleetwood PA saves money for tax-payers and drivers alike. A less craggy surface won’t do as much harm to tires, and the pavement itself can last a longer amount of time. Roads with an asphalt surface tend to require little maintenance and don’t require as much government spending as other materials.

Helping the Planet

Many people don’t realize that in the United States, asphalt is recycled more than any other product. Because asphalt is 100% recyclable, it is far better for the environment than other materials developers might use. Asphalt production also doesn’t require as much energy as other products. On top of this, natural resources and landfill space are protected when developers can reuse post-consumer waste.


Driving on the road is safer with asphalt pavement since road markers are usually more visible and skid resistance is better. It’s no secret that unpredictable weather conditions can make roads hazardous to drive on, but with asphalt, elements such as ice and hail melt quickly. In the event of a rainstorm, spray and splash can be greatly reduced with open-graded asphalt. These improvements can mitigate accidents and fatalities, and make people feel more comfortable on the road.

Whether someone is paving rural roads or metropolitan highways, asphalt pavement is the best way to go. Travel becomes easier, the government doesn’t have to spend as much and locals can generally feel better about where they live. A smooth, glossy surface can go a long way in helping a community flourish.